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Dr Remo Ostini
  – Honorary Research Consultant

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Dr Remo Ostini
3381 1471
+617 3365 4466
Postal Address:

Remo Ostini
Health Communities Research Centre
University of Queensland

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Dr Remo Ostini

BA (USQ), Grad Dip Psy (ANU), PhD (Minnesota)


After specialising in psychometric methods and bioethics at the University of Minnesota, Remo taught 3020 and 4050 in the School of Psychology at UQ for a number of years.  A stint in the School of Pharmacy at UQ, doing systematic reviews of medicine prescribing and some pharmacoepidemiology, followed.  Now Remo has gone back to his roots, measuring health behaviours and community wellbeing in the Healthy Communities Research Centre at UQ.  Remo's research focusses on health literacy, including the effect of health literacy on health behaviours as well as predictors and components of health literacy.  Of particular interest are the issues of health literacy motivation and responsibility.  Remo maintains an honourary appointment in the School of Psychology and continues to supervise students in the school.

Professional Activities:

Member American Psychological Association
American Society of Bioethics and Humanities
Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Association for Moral Education

Picture of 'Dr Remo Ostini'
Dr Remo Ostini
Research Activities:

Health literacy, Psychology of morality, Bioethics, Individual differences, Personality, Attitudes, Applied social psychology, Psychological measurement.

Representative Publications:

Ostini, R. (In Press). Measuring Conceptualizations of Morality: Or How to Invent a Construct and Measure it Too. In G. Walford, M. Viswanathan & E. Tucker (Eds.). The Sage Handbook of Measurement: How social scientists generate, modify, and validate indicators and scales. London: Sage.

Nering, M. L. & Ostini, R. (Eds.). (In Press).  Handbook of Polytomous Item Response Theory Model.  New York: Taylor & Francis.

Ostini, R., Hegney, D., Jackson, C., Williamson, M., Mackson, J. M., Gurman, K, Hall, W., & Tett, S. E. (2009). Systematic Review of Interventions to Improve Prescribing.  The Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 43, 502-513.

Ostini, R., Hegney, D., Mackson, J. M., Williamson, M., & Tett, S.E.  (2008). Why is the use of clopidogrel increasing rapidly in Australia? An exploration of geographical location, age, sex and cardiac stenting rates as possible influences on clopidogrel use. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, 17 (11), 1077-1090.

Ostini, R., & Nering, M. L. (2006). Polytomous Item Response Theory Models. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Ostini, R., & Ellerman D. A. (1997). Clarifying the relationship between values and moral judgement. Psychological Reports, 81, 691-702.

Bammer, G., Ostini, R., & Sengoz, A. (1995). Using ambulance records to examine nonfatal heroin overdoses. Australian Journal of Public Health, 19, 316-317.

Stevens, A., Ostini, R., Dance, P., Burns, M., Crawford, D. A., & Bammer, G. (1995). Police opinions of a proposal for controlled availability of heroin in Australia. Policing and Society, 5, 303-312.

Ostini, R., Bammer, G., Dance, P. R., & Goodin, R. E. (1993). The ethics of experimental heroin maintenance. Journal of Medical Ethics, 19, 175-182.

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