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Dr Gabrielle Simcock
  – Honorary Research Officer

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Dr Gabrielle Simcock
07 336 54543
+617 3365 4466
Postal Address:

Mater Medical Research Institute

Mater Hospital

South Brisbane

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Dr Gabrielle Simcock

BA (Hons, 1st class), 1996, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ

PhD, 2000, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ


Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, 2001-2002, University of Virginia, Virginia, USA

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, 2003-2009, University of Queensland, Queensland, AU

Research Associate, 2009-2012, University of Queensland, Queensland, AU

Senior Reseach Officer, 2012- , MMRI, QLD

Picture of 'Dr Gabrielle Simcock'
Dr Gabrielle Simcock
Representative Publications:

 Jack, F., Hayne, H., & Simcock, G. (in press). Magic Memories: Young Children's Verbal Recall After a 6-Year Delay. Child Development.

Brito, N., Barr., R., & Simcock, G. (2011)  Long-term Transfer of Learning from Books and Videos during Toddlerhood. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 111, 108-119.

Simcock, G., Barr, R., & Garrity. (2011).  The effect of narrative cues on infants' imitation from television and picture books. Child Development, 82, 1607-1619.

Hayne, H. & Simcock, G. (2009).  Memory development in toddlers. In M. L. Courage & N. Cowan (Eds.), The Development of Memory in Infancy and Childhood. Psychology Press: New York, NY.

Simcock, G., & DeLoache, J. S. (2008).  The effect of repetition on infants' imitation from picture books varying in iconicity. Infancy, 13, 687-697.

Nielsen, M., Simcock, G., & Jenkins, L. (2008).  The effect of social engagement on 24-month-olds' imitation from live and televised models. Developmental Science, 11, 722-731. 

Simcock, G., & Dooley, M. (2007). Generalization of learning from picture books to novel test conditions by 18- and 24-month-old children. Developmental psychology, 43, 1568-1578.

DeLoache, J. S., Simcock, G., & Macari, S. (2007). Planes, trains, automobiles – and tea-sets: Extremely intense interests in very young children. Developmental Psychology, 43, 1579-1586.

Suddendorf, T., Simcock. G., & Nielsen, M. (2007). Visual self-recognition in mirrors and live videos: Evidence for a developmental asynchrony. Cognitive Development, 22, 185-196.

Simcock, G., & DeLoache, J. (2006). Get the picture? The effects of iconicity on toddlers’ re-enactment from picture books. Developmental Psychology, 42, 1352-1357.

DeLoache, J., Simcock, G., Marlzoff, D. (2004). Transfer by very young children in the symbolic retrieval task. Child Development, 75, 1708-1718.

Hayne, H., Herbert, H., & Simcock, G. (2003). Imitation from television by 24- and 30-month-olds. Developmental Science, 6, 254-261.

Simcock, G., & Hayne, H. (2003). Age-related changes in verbal and nonverbal recall during early childhood. Developmental Psychology, 39, 805-814.

Simcock, G., & Hayne, H. (2002). Breaking the barrier? Children fail to translate their preverbal memories into language. Psychological Science, 13, 225-231.

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