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Dr Sharon Dane
  – Postdoctoral Researcher

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Dr Sharon Dane
Mob: 0403 895 268
+617 3365 4466
Postal Address:
School of Psychology
McElwain Building
The University of Queensland
St Lucia, QLD 4072

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Dr Sharon Dane

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons)

PhD (Social Psychology)

Professional Activities:

Member -

Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)

Society of Australasian Social Psychologists

International Association of Applied Psychology

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Dr Sharon Dane
Research Activities:



Dane, S.K., Masser, B.M., MacDonald, G., & Duck, J.M. (2010). Not so private lives: National findings on the relationships and well-being of same-sex attracted Australians (version 1.1). The University of Queensland, Australia: School of Psychology Publications.

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Chapters include findings on preferred timing of disclosure of sexuality, marriage vs. civil unions, perceptions of how others value same-sex relationships, numbers living with children, the role of heterosexual acceptance over and above support from similar others, and psychological well-being.



Research interests:

Minority group status, concealable stigma, intergroup anxiety, social acceptance and wellbeing

The internet and social inclusion

Representative Publications:

Journal Articles:

Dane, S. K., Masser, B. M., MacDonald, G., & Duck, J. M. (2015). When "in your face" is not out of place: The effect of timing of disclosure of a same-sex dating partner under conditions of contact. PLoS ONE, 10(8):e0135023.

Dane, S. K., Fischle, M., Stenner, K., & Hobman, E. V. (under review). The reciprocal relationshps between respectful treatment, standard of living and subjective well-being.

Mason, C, O'Brien-McInally, B., & Dane, S. (2014). High-level stakeholders insights on readying Australia for next generation broadband. Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, 2, 1- 23.

Dane, S. K., & MacDonald, G. (2009).  Heterosexuals' acceptance predicts the well-being of same-sex attracted young adults beyond ingroup support.  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 26, 659-677.

Dane, S. (2005). The importance of out-group acceptance in addition to in-group support in predicting the well-being of same-sex attracted youth. Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review, 1, 23-29.

Book Chapters:

Dane, S., Fahey, M., Mason, C., van der Zwan, R., Tucker, J., & Griffith, C. (2013). A framework for evaluating the impact of high bandwidth internet provision and use on digital literacy and social life outcomes in Australia. In H. Linger et al. (eds.), Building sustainable information systems: Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Information Systems Development (pp. 101-111). New York: Springer

Dane, S. (2011). Not so private lives. In V. Marsh (Ed), Speak now: Australian perspectives on same-sex marriage (pp.51-54). Melbourne: Clouds of Madgellan.


Conference Presentations:

Dane, S., Mason, C., & Meikle, S. (2014). Diversity and Disadvantage: The internet and the wellbeing and capabilities of adults living in Australian communities. Paper presented at the 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Paris, France.

Dane, S., Mason, C., & O'Brien-McInally, B. (2013). A longitudinal study on the social impact of internet use in regional cities: Benchmark findings. Paper presented at the 14th Australian Social Policy Conference, Sydney.

Dane, S., Fahey, M., Mason, C., van der Zwan, R., Tucker. J., Bradford, D., & Griffith, C. (2012). A framework evaluating the impact of high bandwidth internet provision in Australia. Paper presented at the 21st International Conference on Information Systems Development, Prato, Italy.

Dane, S. K., Stenner, K., & Hobman, E. V. (2012). Material versus psychological needs: Predicting different facets of subjective wellbeing. Paper presented at the Inaugural International Wellbeing and Public Policy Conference, Welllington, New Zealand.

Dane, S., Masser, B., MacDonald, G., & Duck, J. (2010). Not so private lives: National findings on relationship recognition and disclosure, mainstream appraisal, and the well-being of same-sex attracted Australians. Paper presented at the 7th National LGBTI Health in Difference Conference, Sydney, Australia.

Dane, S., MacDonald, G., Masser, B., & Duck, J. (2008). To delay or not to delay: The effects of timing and manner in disclosing a same-sex sexual orientation. Poster presented at the 2008 Biennial Meeting of the International Association of Relationship Research (IARR). Providence, RI, USA.

Dane, S.K., & MacDoanld, G., Masser, B.M., & Feeney, J.A. (2007). Upfront and indirect: Outgroup reactions to the timing and manner of disclosure of an individual's same-sex sexual orientation. Paper presented at the 36th annual meeting of the Society for Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP). Brisbane, Australia.

Dane, S., MacDonald, G., Feeney. J., & Louis, W. (2006). Not if but when: Out-group reactions to the timing of disclosure of an indiviidual's same-sex attractions. Paper presented at the 35th annual meeting of the Society for Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP). Canberra, Australia.

Course Tutor:
  • Semester 2, 2016
    PSYC3020 - Measurement in Psychology

Note: Coordinator roles prior to 2009 and tutor roles prior to 2006 are not included.

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