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Fourth Year Program Information

Honours in psychology is either taken in the fourth year of the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) (BPsySc(Hons)) or offered as a one-year full-time (or two-year part-time) postgraduate qualification in the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences (BA(Hons)) and Science (BSc(Hons)). The BPsySc(Hons), and the BA(Hons) and BSc(Hons) are accredited by the Australian Psychological Society (APAC) as approved Level 4 programs in psychology, and qualify graduates to apply for provisional registration as a Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Although the fourth-year program in Psychology is offered as a part-time program, there are no timetabling provisions for "evening-only" attendance (ie regular attendance during normal university hours is expected).

The fourth year of study commences in Semester 1. There is no mid-year intake.

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

The on-course BPsySc(Hons) honours fourth year is identical to the postgraduate honours programs in the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and the Bachelor of Science (Hons).

There are two streams – the Research stream and the Professional stream. The data collection for the Professional stream is performed as a group, then the thesis is written individually. For the Research stream, both the data collection and the thesis is done individually. The Professional stream is geared towards students who aim to apply their psychology study to industry, and the Research stream is geared towards students who aim to follow a research career. Entry to the Research stream is subject to GPA requirements, however completing either stream offers the same opportunities to apply for postgraduate programs or apply for work as a provisional psychologist.

All students in the BPsySc(Hons), whether in Professional or Research stream, graduate upon completion with a class of honours determined by weighted GPA across fourth year courses.

Students still within the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Program code 2023) should contact to discuss entry to fourth year and program requirements.

Bachelor of Behavioural Science

Students in the Bachelor of Psychological Science(Honours) who do not wish to complete the fourth year may elect to graduate after three years of study with a Bachelor of Behavioural Science. Depending on GPA, graduates with this degree will be eligible to apply for the Masters of Counselling, or fourth year psychology programs at other universities.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Science (Honours)

The BA(Hons) and BSc(Hons) programs are only available to students who have completed the approved sequence of study in Psychology and who meet the GPA requirements. Honours students may be eligible to apply for further postgraduate training, depending on GPA, upon completion of fourth year.

More information about entry requirements is available here. Successful applicants will be offered a place in either the Professional stream or Research stream depending on GPA. The Professional stream includes data collection as a group and is geared towards students aiming to apply psychology in industry, and the Research stream includes data collection individually and is geared towards students intending to pursue a research career. Both streams involve writing the thesis component individually, and completing either stream offers the same opportunities to apply for postgraduate programs or apply for work as a provisional psychologist.

Career Options after Honours

Completing honours in Psychology can lead to various career pathways including provisional registration, supervised practice, or postgraduate study. More information is available here:

Other options

There are other options after third year for BA and BSc students. The Masters of Counselling takes students with a three-year degree in Psychology.

Honours Administrator

For honours specific enquires:

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