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Three Ways to Study Psychology: What is the difference between the three programs?

Bachelor of Psychological Science (BPsySc) is a 4-year APAC accredited sequence in psychology.  In the first 3 years you study a broad mix of courses in psychology and in the 4th year you do a thesis as well as coursework.  When finished, you are qualified for provisional registration as a psychologist or entry into postgraduate programs in psychology.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BSc) both comprise a 3-year undergraduate APAC accredited sequence in psychology.  The difference is that one is taken through the Arts Faculty and the other through the Science Faculty, and these Faculties have different additional requirements (for instance, in the BSc you must take some basic science courses as well as psychology).  The BA and BSc sequence of courses in psychology covers a broad mix of topics in the field. 

  • After completing a BA or BSc  you may apply to do Honours in psychology, which would complete the 4-year APAC accredited sequence and allow you to be provisionally registered as a psychologist or do postgraduate study in psychology.
  • You must have the 4 year sequence to work as a psychologist or to continue study in psychology.
  • With a three-year BA or BSc in psychology, you may apply to enrol in postgraduate programs in related fields such as counselling or social work.

What courses do I need to study?

BPsySc Students

You will take courses that make up the APAC-accredited sequence.  Most of these courses are also undertaken in the BA an BSc extended or double major. BPsySc students also take some additional psychology core courses that are only available in the BPsySc.

BA and BSc Students

If you want to be eligible to apply for Honours in Psychology (and ultimately be eligible for professional registration as a psychologist) you should take an extended or double major in Psychology and follow the APAC-accredited sequence.  Otherwise you can undertake a single major in psychology to learn about the human mind and behaviour.

Dual Degree Students

Psychology can also be studied through BA and BSc dual degree programs. The psychology courses that you will need to take will be the same as in the single degrees, but your course will be structured differently to take into account the other degree. Please consult myAdvisor for further information on dual programs.

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