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Professional Doctorate Program information

The UQ Clinical Psychology program has been in existence for over 25 years. Our students have access to a wide range of exciting clinical training opportunities and experienced supervisors. Our academic staff are actively engaged in clinical practice as well as pursuing a wide variety of strong clinically-focussed research programs. Over time the program has developed strong links with community organizations, public and private sectors hospitals, as well as a strong and vibrant network of independent practitioners.

A key strength of the UQ clinical training program is that all of our students are fully trained as clinical psychologists, in addition to training in specialist areas. This affords our graduates the widest possible range of career options and makes them sought-after by employers.

The Doctoral program is a four year full time qualification leading to a Doctor of Psychology degree. Students may pursue the Doctor of Psychology degree in the following areas:

Professional Memberships

Completion of any of these degrees offers the graduate full membership in the Clinical College, as well as relevant other colleges according to the degree obtained. Each of the specialist degrees gives students the chance to pursue high-level coursework in these areas, as well as access to specialist training placement sites in the community. The thesis for the Doctor of Psychology degrees is the equivalent of a Research Master's degree in scope.

The Doctor of Psychology is conditionally accredited by APAC (for further information please contact the School of Psychology). Graduates of our Professional Doctorate Programs are eligible for immediate full membership in the Clinical College, as well as relevant other colleges according to the degree obtained (for example, you would be eligible for both the Clinical College and the Clinical Neuropsychology College if you completed the Professional Doctorate (Clinical + Clinical Neuropsychology).

The Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) sets the standards for accreditation of Australian psychology programs, including postgraduate clinical training programs. To view the APS / APAC Course Accreditation Guidelines, click here.

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