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Master of Psychology Program

Welcome to the information website for those considering the University of Queensland's two-year Master of Psychology (MPsych) program (previously the Master of Applied Psychology). The Master of Psychology program provides the training, skills and knowledge required to practise competently and confidently within the psychological profession. Accreditation for the Master of Psychology program in terms of its new title and four specialisations is currently being sought from the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council, and this is expected to be confirmed in early 2017.

The MPsych program provides students with the opportunity to gain the skills required for full registration as a psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. Appropriately qualified students are trained through a combination of coursework, research, and a series of supervised placements.

Students select one of four streams:

  • MPsych (Clinical Neuropsychology)
  • MPsych (Counselling),
  • MPsych (Health), or
  • MPsych (Sport & Exercise).

Completion of each of these streams meets requirements for Associate Membership of the relevant College of the Australian Psychological Society.

This program provides postgraduate students with the skills and knowledge required to practice competently within the psychological profession across a range of roles. Students are taught core content (e.g., assessment and intervention skills, ethical issues), as well as specialist content. Students use their skills and apply their knowledge through a diverse range of placements that are generously hosted by a range of institutions within the South-East Queensland community. The staff teaching into the MPsych program are leaders in the fields of clinical neuropsychology, counselling psychology, health psychology, and sport and exercise psychology within Australia. Most draw from extensive experience in both research and professional practice.

MPsych (Clinical Neuropsychology)

The Clinical Neuropsychology field of study prepares students for research and practice in clinical neuropsychology through a combination of coursework, supervised practice and research experience. This field of study allows specialisation in neuropsychological theory and practice in the assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioural disorders associated with dysfunction of brain processes or head injury.

MPsych (Counselling)

Counselling psychologists are employed in a number of areas where therapeutic counselling is an important focus such as non-government counselling and crisis organizations, school counselling, and health and wellness settings. Counselling psychologists may also offer therapy within private practice settings. More Information...

MPsych (Health)

Students who graduate from the Health Stream of the Masters Program have a number of career opportunities. Some health psychologists go on to work on health promotion campaigns with the government and NGOs. Others work with clients in the hospital setting or in private practice. They assist clients who may have chronic pain, chronic disease or require palliative care. The work of health psychologists is constantly expanding as the work of promoting good health and managing illness develops. More Information...

MPsych (Sport & Exercise)

Graduates from the Sport and Exercise stream of the UQ MPsych program are employed in a number of areas. These include full-time positions in sport psychology at the Australian Institute of Sport; working as sport psychology service providers for the Queensland Academy of Sport, and other state and territory institutes and academies of sport; running their own private practices with a focus on sport and exercise psychology; working as psychologists for weight management programs; working as sport development officers; and working in more general psychologist positions. A number of our graduates are employed in other countries, including South Africa, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore. More Information...

More Information

For further information, please see UQ Courses and Programs.

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