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Postgraduate Programs in Business and Organisational Psychology

The Centre for Organisational Psychology provides and coordinates several programs for people wanting to apply a psychological perspective to understand how people and organisations can operate effectively in a changing world.

Our programs train students to use of the scientist-practitioner model in their professional work. Within this model, theory, research, and practice are combined to develop professional skills within a broad range of strategic and functional areas including:

  • Job analysis and design,
  • Personnel selection and assessment,
  • Training and development,
  • Organisational development
  • Organisational change.

This also helps to develop a critical mind and the ability to evaluate evidence, further underpinning the theoretical and empirical bases of business and organisational psychology.

Master of Business Psychology

The Master of Business Psychology is designed for people wanting to become a consultant specialising in the use of psychological skills to solve business problems. This program develops skills to enhance individual, team, and organisational effectiveness within public and private sector settings.

Students complete coursework in the School of Psychology and UQ Business School, while completing practical placements in organisations operating throughout the Brisbane region.

Master of Organisational Psychology

The Master of Organisational Psychology is designed for people who intend to practice as a registered psychologists working in an organisational setting.

Students complete coursework in the School of Psychology, and can take electives through UQ Business School. Students gain practical experience by completing 1000 hours of supervised practice working in organisations.

Students who complete the Master of Organisational Psychology program are eligible for general registration as a psychologist, and can choose to become endorsed as organisational psychologists after two years of supervised practice.

PhD (Psychology)

The PhD program is for people who wish to gain expert knowledge in a specialised field by completing a dedicated program of research. This program provides more rigorous training in research skills, problem solving, and analysis. The PhD gives you the opportunity to tackle a complex problem in depth, generate novel and creative solutions, and communicate these to a broad audience. The PhD program coordinated by the Centre for Business & Organisational Psychology is the most successful of it’s kind in the country, having produced a long list of graduates who have gone on to become leaders in their field.

Students can apply to complete a Master of Business or Organisational Psychology and PhD concurrently.

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