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The persistent sampling bias in developmental psychology: A call to action

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162, 31-38 (2017)

Using foresight to prioritise the present

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Attitudes to in vitro meat: A survey of potential consumers in the United States

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Are Yawns really Contagious? A Critique and Quantification of Yawn Contagion

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Handedness and Graspability Modify Shifts of Visuospatial Attention to Near-Hand Objects

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Exploring the cognitive foundations of the Shared Attention Mechanism

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Thinking about threats: Memory and prospection in human threat management

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The influence of episodic foresight on delay discounting and demand for alcohol

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A review of compassion-based interventions

Kirby, James N., Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory
Research and Practice, 2016

Welcome to the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland.


CHOICE Seminar

6:00pm Thursday, 5th October 2017

CHOICE Seminar

6:00pm Thursday, 2nd November 2017


Dean’s Awards

Dean’s Awards
Psychology’s RHD graduates awarded more Dean’s Awards for Outstanding Research Theses than any other unit at UQ!

HFCC 2018 - California USA

HFCC 2018 - California USA
The 19th Helping Families Change Conference will be held in California, USA from 28th February to 2nd March 2018

Lost in the background

Lost in the background
Pink balls in day-night cricket could challenge players at sunset


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Featured Demonstration


If there's a flash of light near a moving object, the flash appears to lag a little behind.
Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing (PSYC4991)

Featured Course

Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing (PSYC4991)

Dr Paul Harnett says the “Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing” course focuses on the healing process and how Indigenous and non-Indigenous people can work together to improve the wellbeing of Indigenous people.
Anxiety in Parkinson’s Disease Treatment (APT)

Featured Project

Anxiety in Parkinson’s Disease Treatment (APT)

In our research and clinical training group, we aim to try to understand measuring, diagnosing and treating anxiety in patients with PD more effectively.


Associate Professor Mark Nielsen - How Grandma helped invent the iPhone

TEDxUQ: Rewrite the Rules

Associate Professor Mark Nielsen - How Grandma helped invent the iPhone
School of Psychology 4th year 2015 end of year event

4th Year 2015

School of Psychology 4th year 2015 end of year event
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