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Cognitive Engineering Research Group (CERG)

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About the Cognitive Engineering Research Group (CERG)

The Cognitive Engineering Research Group is a group of researchers interested in the modeling, analysis, design and evaluation of complex safety-critical systems such as power plant control rooms, cockpits, critical care in medicine, and defence systems. CERG is associated with the Key Centre for Human Factors and Applied Cognitive Psychology and also with the School of ITEE. CERG's research is hosted by the UQ Usability Laboratory (UQUL) in the McElwain Building.

CERG members study human-system integration in complex sociotechnical systems, focusing on critical care medicine, air traffic control, power systems, and air defence. CERG is associated with the Schools of ITEE, Psychology, and Medicine at UQ. The leader of CERG is Professor Penelope Sanderson.


Contact the Cognitive Engineering Research Group (CERG)

+61 7 3300-8620
+61 7 3365-4466
UQ Usability Lab area of Level 1 of the McElwain Building
Postal Address:

Cognitive Engineering Research Group
School of Psychology
The University of Queensland
St Lucia,  QLD
Australia 4072


Cognitive Engineering Research Group (CERG) Staff

Picture of 'Professor Penelope Sanderson'
+61 7 3346 9529
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