Who are we?

The Early Cognitive Development Centre (ECDC) is a research centre within the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland. Established in 2003, we have been devoted to understanding how babies, toddlers and young children understand the world around them for more than a decade.
The University of Queensland’s School of Psychology is in the world’s top 20 with developmental psychology a recognised strength.

What do we do?

Most of our studies are conducted in the Early Cognitive Development Centre on UQ’s St Lucia campus. When they visit the centre, children interact with trained researchers and participate in activities designed to reveal new and interesting insights into the way they understand the world. Our studies vary, but often children play interactive games, watch videos, solve puzzles, or are asked to share their thoughts about actions and events they’ve observed. For more details on how a session is run, or what happens in a specific study, please visit our FAQ.

How Important is My Visit to the Researchers?

Developmental psychology is one of the most time-consuming, but rewarding forms of psychological enquiry, because we engage one-on-one with all of our child participants. We spend up to an hour with each child who visits the ECDC. This requires finding parents with time to help. Also, as developmental researchers we need to interact with children at specific ages, so that we can document how their understandings change over time. Therefore it is important for us to find children during particular developmental windows. For these reasons we rely on the goodwill of many, many parents to support our work in understanding children’s development. The ECDC is part of UQ’s School of Psychology (among the best in the world!), and an hour of your time helps further our scientific understanding of children, and why childhood is such a special and informative period in our lives.

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