Former Students:

Janie Busby, PhD 2005
Thesis title: Mental time travel in children

Tamara Christie, PhD 2007
Thesis title: Infants' perception of moving human bodies

Emma Collier-Baker, PhD 2006
Thesis title: Invisible displacement understanding in dogs (Canis familiaris), chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), and other primates

Nicole Erlich, PhD 2010
Thesis title: Of hissing snakes and angry voices: the processing of evolutionary fear-relevant sounds in infancy

Michelle Heron-Delaney, PhD 2005
Thesis title: Development of preferences for the human body shape in infancy

Andrew Hill, PhD 2011
Thesis topic: Inferential reasoning by exclusion in non-human primates and children

Kristelle Hudry, PhD 2006
Thesis title: Exploring the boundaries of emotional responsiveness in young children with autism spectrum disorder

Janine Oostenbroek, PhD 2013
Thesis topic: Individual differences in neonatal imitation and consequential developmental outcomes.

Guillermo Ramirez, MPhil 2015
Thesis title: The role of functional knowledge in children's judgments of inefficient tools

Jonathan Redshaw, PhD 2015
Thesis title: The nature, ontogeny, and phylogeny of episodic foresight.

Ameneh Shahaeian, PhD 2014
Thesis title: Developing an Understanding of Mind: A View Across Cultures.

Morgan Tear, PhD 2015
Thesis title: Violent video games and social behaviour

Visitors and Collaborators:

Sander Begeer
VU University Amsterdam

Roslyn Boyd
Queensland Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation and Research Centre

Celia Brownell
University of Pittsburgh

Michael Corballis
University of Auckland

Gergely Csibra
Central European University, Hungary

Cheryl Dissanayake
La Trobe University

Shoji Itakura
Kyoto University

Christine Legare
University of Texas, Austin

Chris Moore
Dalhousie University

Ilana Mushin
University of Queensland

Diane Poulin-Dubois
Concordia University Montreal

Mark De Rosnay
University of Sydney

Doug Symons
Acadia University, Canada

Keyan Tomaselli
University of Kwazulu-Natal

Henry Wellman
University of Michigan

Andy Whiten
University of St. Andrews

David Williams
University of London

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