ECDC in the popular press
Here are some links to recent media coverage of research from our centre:

Children who understand others' perspectives found to be more popular among peers in Science Daily.

Babies perk up to sounds signalling ancient hazards in ScienceNews.

Violent Video Games Don’t Make Us Less Caring in Time.

Can Animals Envision the Future? in Science.

Imitation and imagination: child’s play is central to human success in The Conversation.

Chimps know when they're being aped in ABC Science.

The brain: Memories are crucial for looking into the future in Discover Magazine.

Infants can tell the difference between correct and incorrect counting in New Scientist Magazine.

Children over-imitate adults, regardless of culture in Sciencemag.

Children's developing ability to think about the future in Sciencewatch.

The development of children's thinking about others' minds on ABC's 'Catalyst'.

Mirror self-recognition in primates in New Scientist Magazine.

Toddlers learn from picture books in Science Daily.

Dogs fail to represent hidden objects in Cosmos Magazine.

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