Dr.Mark Nielsen
Principal Researcher and Centre Director

Mark is a senior lecturer in psychology and has been with the school since 2002. He is primarily interested in how children learn from others and what this can tell us about the evolution of human culture.
Mrs. Sally Clark
Centre Manager

Sally has been our Lab Manager now since 2007. She looks after the day-to-day activities of the centre. She has strong interests in comparative and developmental psychology.

Professor Virginia Slaughter
Principal Researcher

Virginia founded the Infant Research labs at the University of Queensland in 1997. She investigates social and cognitive development in infancy and early childhood.
Professor Thomas Suddendorf
Principal Researcher

Thomas' research addresses questions of developmental comparative and evolutionary psychology. He has been at UQ since 1999.

Dr. Nicole Nelson
Principal Researcher

Nicole joined UQ in 2014. She examines children's understanding of emotional expressions and emotional knowledge.
Dr. Kana Imuta

Kana is a postdoctoral research fellow interested in how children begin to acquire numerical knowledge in early childhood.

Ms. Siobhan Kennedy
Research Assistant

Siobhan has been involved in our newborn imitation project since 2010. She is an Honours student in Psychology.

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