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Add ResponseID to Redirect Address in Qualtrics

Sometimes you need to link data from one Qualtrics survey to another or from a Qualtrics survey to an external dataset. Qualtrics uses a unique value for 'ResponseID' to identify each participant. This value can be passed out of Qualtrics at the end of the survey by passing it in a redirect address.

The text to add the current ReponseID to Qualtrics is:

  • ${e://Field/ResponseID}

Note that this can only work at the end of the survey. This value is not set until the survey is finished.

For example if you wanted to redirect all participants to the pscyhology home page passing the ResponseID you would do the following:

  • Open Qualtrics and Edit your Survey
  • Open the 'Survey Flow' window
  • Add an 'End of Survey' element to the end of the survey flow
  • Select 'Customise' to change the options
  • Select 'Redirect to a URL'
  • Enter the URL as (or whatever the address you want is)
  • Add ?id=${e://Field/ResponseID} to the end of the address - This sets 'id' to the value of 'ResponseID' which is then passed to the address. This only works if the address in question knows what to do with the value. Normally it would be ignored.

Connect Qualtrics surveys

This can be used to pass the 'ResponseID' from one survey ot another in Qualtrics.

The address in the second last step of the steps above would be the address of the second Qualtrics survey. Then in the second Qualtrics survey you would need to add an embedded item with the name 'id' to pick up the passed value. In this canse the 'id' value in the second survey will be the same as the 'ResponseID' value in the first survey.



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