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Setup SSI High Security End Links in Qualtrics

One of the methods Survey Sampling International (SSI) uses to minimise the risk of fraudulent response is referred to as High Security End Links. Setting up Qualtrics to work with SSI High Security End Links involves three steps:

  • Adding Embedded Data Values to gain access to the unique values passed from SSI to your survey.
  • Optionally sanity checking the data and aborting if necessary.
  • Adding an End of Survey Element to redirect participants back to SSI (via the Survey Complete link) on the completion of the survey.

Adding Embedded Data Values

Embedded data in Qualtrics is used to record and access the unique values passed from SSI to your survey. Embedded Data is added into the Survey Flow of your survey in Qualtrics. The Embedded Data block should be the first section in Survey Flow.

You will need to add an Embedded Data Value for each of the following:

  • psid: This value will be set via the URL (i.e. passed from SSI).  
  • PID: This value will be set via the URL (i.e. passed from SSI).
  • SecureKey1: This value will be supplied to you by SSI and must be set in Qualtrics manually.
  • SecureKey2: This value will be supplied to you by SSI and must be set in Qualtrics manually.
  • high: this value is calculated within Qualtrics. You must enter the formula which is used to calculate this value manually.

The formula for high is essentially as follows:

  • PID x SecureKey1 - SecureKey2

To implement the above formula for the high value in Qualtrics you must enter the details exactly as follows:

  • $e{${e://Field/PID}*${e://Field/SecureKey1}-${e://Field/SecureKey2}}

 The 'Set Embedded Data section of the Survey Flow for you survey in Qualtrics should look like the green part in the following screen shot.


For more information about entering Embedded Data into Qualtrics see: 

Add Sanity Checking for Values passed from SSI

This step is optional but highly recommended. In the Qualtrics Survey Flow section create a new Branch as shown in the picture below. The branch should follow directly the Embedded Data at the top of your Survey Flow (see picture above).


Effectively the branch will become active if any of the values are not passed from SSI correctly, your SecureKeys are not entered, or if the calculation of the high value fails. The Branch has the following items:

  • Embedded Data psid is Empty OR
  • Embedded Data PID is Empty OR
  • Embedded Data high is Empty OR
  • Embedded Data high is Is Equal to 0

Branch Items

Notice the logic is all OR. This means if any of the logical items are matched then the branch will trigger. By default Qualtrics will set them up with AND. Make sure you change it.

As shown in the first image above the branch goes to a standard Block followed by an End of Survey Element. These items are only dispalyed to participants if the Branch is successful (i.e. if sanity checking fails).

The Block should contain some text indicating that the address is incorrect and should be checked. Following this block is an End of Survey Element as below.


Notice the End of Survey Element has the last two items checked. This will stop this broken survey attempt from even being recorded. If this was not done it would count as a survey completed even though the survey was not even attempted.

For more information about Branch Logic and End of Survey Elements in Qualtrics see:

Complete Address

SSI requires that when somebody finishes the survey they are automatically redirected the the Complete Address. SSI will supply you with and Complete Address. The format may differ slightly but it should look somethign like this: 


 * This is the address you will add to the End of Survey Element in Qualtrics.

Notice in particular values in the last part of the address after the '?'. This is referred to as the Query String. This is one way that data can be passed from one web page to another particularly across servers. Each value within the Query String has the form 'name=value' and are delimited by an '&' character. The above address has 3 name-value pairs:

  • rst=1
  • psid=${e://Field/psid}
  • high=${e://Field/high}

The parts in italics and curly brackets, ${e://Field/psid} and ${e://Field/high}, are replaced by Qualtrics with unique numeric values for each participant as follows:

  • ${e://Field/psid}: this is replaced with the Embedded Value 'psid'. This unique value is originally passed to the survey from SSI.
  • ${e://Field/high}: this is replaced with the Embedded Value 'high'. This value is calculated by Qualtrics based on unique values passed to the survey from SSI.

For more information about appending embedded values to a URL in Qualtrics:

For specific information about Query Strings and how they are used on the web see:

Inserting the Complete Address into Qualtrics

An End of Survey Element should be added and the very end of the Survey Flow. If it is not added at the end the survey would finish prematurely. The 'Redirect to a URL' field is filled with the address described above.


For more information about the End of Survey Element in Qualtrics see:


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