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Featured Project - READY (REsilience of Adults everyDaY)

The READY training program is designed to help people to be more resilient in their everyday life.

READY (REsilience of Adults everyDaY)

Partner: Queensland Health, Prince Charles Hospital

CHOICE Project: READY (REsilience of Adults everyDaY)

Project Leader: Associate Professor Ken Pakenham

The READY training program is designed to help people to be more resilient in their everyday life. 

READY is about how to manage the challenges and stress associated with situations, work, family, relationships, daily hassles and life events. It identifies key protective factors and provides learning opportunities for participants to develop practical skills to cope more effectively and “bounce back” from adversity. 

READY is based on research evidence and contemporary theories so as to target those factors that promote individual resilience and better health outcomes. The content was developed by people who do clinical practice and research, and who have knowledge and expertise in clinical psychology, healthy psychology, health promotion, and public health. The program follows principles of “positive Psychology which focus on enabling individuals and communities to thrive.

CHOICE and HeartKids Queensland co-funded a part-time clinical psychologist (UQ Clinical graduate, Dr James Kirby) within Queensland Health to set up the READY project for patients with congential heart disease (ACHD) at The Prince Charles Hospital.  The READY program evaluation trial was coordinated and implemented at the hospital site by a clinical psychology doctoral candidate (Bronwyn Steele). For information about the outcomes of the evaluation trial, please contact the Project Leader, Professor Kenneth Pakenham (  

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