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Featured Researcher - Alina Morawska

Dr Alina Morawska is investigating the role of parenting in childhood chronic illness.

Alina Morawska

How did you get into psychology?

Originally, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, as I was interested in a number of different options.  I enrolled in a dual BA/BSC degree, with the intention of going on to study medicine. During my studies a few things became clearer to me – I didn’t see myself as a full-time clinician, I was most interested in prevention and early intervention, and research seemed like an interesting thing to do. I decided that the most efficient course of study would be to follow the clinical psychology path, which would allow me to do clinical work, focus on the prevention side of things which is where I really wanted to work, and become involved with research. Efficiency is a relative thing, as it took nine years of full time study before I graduated with a PhD in Clinical Psychology!  Mind you this didn’t put me off study, as I’ve done a masters degree since.

What do you think makes a good clinical researcher?

I think you need to be curious and open to new ideas, interested in individual’s strengths and weaknesses and passionate about evidence based intervention, but above all you need to be persistent, motivated and organised!

What are your current research interests?

Currently I am involved in a range of projects designed to help parents be more effective in their role. In particular, I’m very interested in childhood chronic illness and how medical management and behavioural and psychosocial factors interact to produce positive health and psychological outcomes.

Something that people might be interested to know about you?

I love to travel and see new places, and my idea of the perfect holiday involves non-stop activity. I have been known to get off an international flight at 6am from a 4-week holiday and go straight to work. No point in wasting valuable time!  I really enjoy going camping and hiking and the further away from civilisation the better.

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