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Featured Researcher - Alex Haslam

Professor Alex Haslam is doing further research that challenges textbook explanations of participants' destructive behaviour in Milgram's classic 'obedience' studies

Alex Haslam

How did you get into psychology?

I was studying Maths and English at University and I needed to take up a third course, so chose Psychology.  After a riveting lecture on Asch I was hooked.

What do you think makes a good psychology researcher?

Great supervisors, great collaborators, great students.  The first pull you up, the second help you up, the third push you up.  Without the first, you lack direction; without the second you lack motivation; without the third you lack life.

What are you researching at the moment?

Lots of things. But, at this precise moment, I am going through a recently de-archived box of cards containing over 1000 responses that Milgram's participants provided after reading a report of his findings that he had sent them. Rather like the Dead Sea scrolls, I think they have the potential to radically change our interpretation of the phenomena Milgram was investigating.

Tell us something that people might be interested to know about you?

I hold the World Record for losing appearances on University Challenge [a TV general knowledge show between Universities].  Played 4, Lost 4.

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