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Featured Researcher - Kana Imuta

Dr Kana Imuta investigates how young children acquire numerical knowledge and maths skills

Kana Imuta

How did you get into psychology?

I really enjoyed my science classes (especially biology) in high school and university, but I wanted to do hands-on research working with children—psychology was the field that allowed me to do that.

What do you think makes a good psychology researcher?

Developmental psychology pushes me to be creative and inspired, and that’s why I love it! As developmental psychologists, we often study infants and young children who have yet to fully develop the language abilities to “tell” us what they know and remember. We must, therefore, be creative and inspired to design fun tasks and toys that the little ones can use to happily “show” us their early abilities.

What are you researching at the moment?

I’m getting into studying how young children acquire numerical knowledge and maths skills.

Tell us something that people might be interested to know about you.

I like to Google animal images and discover things that are often overlooked. For example, I have come to appreciate how zebras have such long and gorgeous eyelashes!

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