Winnifred Louis

Winnifred Louis

This page is out of date now though I will keep it up till 2018 - please go to my lab web page which is

This page has been provided to allow access to my online teaching resources, as well as to complement my official work page at the School of Psych at UQ.

If you're interested in my academic papers just drop me an e-mail and I'll send some over. Many of my papers can be found online in UQ's e-space (link to papers online at UQ : May require login) and at ResearchGate (link to papers online at ResearchGate/Google Scholar).

I am happy to talk to commmunity groups or media and invite inquiries on this topic at .

Biographies suitable for speakers' presentations are online here.

I used to try to summarise my old studies in writing; I've run out of time to do this as my lab and career have developed, but I'm still very committed to public outreach and I'm happy to receive emails at to inquire about my work.

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Presentations of research by Winnifred

Note: The PPT slides for the 2016 TedX talk Changing the world: Why it fails and what works are online here in ppt (7mbs) and PDF.

July 2016 TedxUQ talk.

April 2015 academic talk at SPSSI-SASP co-sponsored Collective Harmdoing conference.

Looking for another talk not listed here? There are many not posted, but I do tend to keep the ppt slides - if you would like me to email me them to you, contact me on .

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Teaching Resources

You are welcome to copy & use any of these as long as you retain the credit to me and periodically send me appreciative e-mails...

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labpic 2016

If you are interested in working with me, please drop me an email at after you've looked at my official work page at the School of Psych at UQ, and in particular, closely read the section on supervision. I am a committed and award-winning mentor (see bios), and I like to work with students who are driven to change the world or passionately curious to understand it - either is fine, but one of these is vital :).

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