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What’s left behind: Identity continuity moderates the effect of nostalgia on well-being and life choices

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101, 94-108. (2011)
Iyer, A., & Jetten, J.

The more (and the more compatible) the merrier: Multiple group memberships and identity compatibility as predictors of adjustment after life transitions.

British Journal of Social Psychology
Iyer, A., Jetten, J., Tsivrikos, D., Postmes, T., & Haslam, S. A.

An integrative approach to personality: Behavioural Approach System, mastery approach orientation and environmental cues

Personality and Individual Differences, 48, 590-595. (2010)
Izadikhah, Z., Jackson, C. J., & Loxton, N.
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