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Fourth Year Application Information

Bachelor of Psychological Science Students

BPsySc students who have completed the third year of the BPsySc program are automatically eligible for the fourth year. However, only those who have met the GPA requirements will be offered a place in the honours stream. Students with a GPA less than 5 (if you enrolled in the BPsySc prior to 2010) or a GPA less than 5.5 (if you enrolled in the BPsySci from 2010 onwards), over advanced (year 2 & 3) psychology courses will be offered a place in the pass stream. For students enrolled from 2010 the GPA cutoff may vary from year to year, however, 5.5 is the minimum required GPA for entry to the Honours stream.

Students who do not complete the third-year program at the end of a calendar year (including summer semester and special examinations, if required) are not permitted to enrol in the fourth year.

Students enrolled in the fourth year of the BPsySc are required to attend an orientation session scheduled in Orientation Week. Students will be advised of the date, time and location of this session. Attendance at this orientation session is compulsory.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Students

Applications are invited from students who have:

  • Completed all program requirements for their BA or BSc (#48) by the end of Semester 2 in the year preceding Honours, so that selection into Honours may be done in a timely fashion.
  • Completed the undergraduate sequence in psychology approved by the Australian Psychological Society.
  • Have maintained a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.0 for the Year 2 and Year 3 courses of the APS approved undergraduate sequence in psychology required for honours entry. In most years, a higher GPA will be required for honours entry because there is an entry quota.
  • Honours is a post-bachelor's qualification and therefore people must have completed a BA or BSc before they can be accepted.
  • Students who have completed courses in Semester 2 but have Special or Supplementary examinations to finalise their results may count those courses, as their final formal semester of enrolment is Semester 2, not Summer.
  • Students may not use the Summer Semester immediately prior to the first Honours semester to complete their degrees except: a student who has completed #46, whose GPA is 6.0 or higher in advanced Psychology courses, and who is enrolling in a final #2 over summer to complete the BA or BSc, may be given provisional entry on condition that they do successfully complete that course and maintain an acceptable GPA.

Applications for entry must be submitted on the relevant form under "Honours and 4th Year Application Forms". Applications must be returned to the School of Psychology by the last Friday of July in the year preceding admission. For 2014, applications should be submitted by Friday 2 August 2013.

Students from Other Institutions

There is provision for applications for admission to postgraduate honours programs (but not the Bachelor of Psychological Science (BPsySc) on-course honours program) from students from other institutions who:

  • Satisfy The University of Queensland requirements for admission to an Honours degree (i.e. completion of a Bachelor degree).
  • Have completed an undergraduate progression sequence in psychology approved by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) for entry to an accredited fourth-year Honours program at their home institution.
  • Can demonstrate that they are competitive in Psychology in relation to UQ applicants.

Order of merit for the allocation of places in the postgraduate honours program will be determined on a cumulative GPA for all Psychology courses taken at Level/Year 2 and above.

Applications for entry must be submitted on the UQ Application form for Postgraduate Coursework. Please read the Honours application notes for domestic Non-University of Queensland applicants carefully prior to completing the application form: Honours and 4th Year Application Forms. Applications must be submitted in person, or by mail, to be received by no later than Friday the 5th of December 2014 to:

Student Centre
The University of Queensland
St Lucia
Queensland 4072

International non-UQ applicants are required to apply through UQ International. Please refer to UQ International for information and application procedures:

Offer of Places in the Postgraduate Honours Program

Applicants will be notified of the outcomes of their applications in writing.

The School of Psychology processes applications for the BA(Hons) in Psychology and BSc(Hons) in Psychology by approval of the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science, respectively.

There is a quota for admission to the Postgraduate Honours Program.

To enrol, successful applicants must comply with the usual university procedures and requirements. Further information on enrolment due dates is available from MyAdvisor.

Selecting a Supervisor

Once you have been offered a place, you will need to select a supervisor by reading about the areas of supervision at our supervisor list. You should consider a wide range of supervisors to give yourself the best chance of being allocated a supervisor you would be happy to work with. You can nominate your preferred supervisors using the Online Psychology Research Project Preference Form.

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