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Handedness and Graspability Modify Shifts of Visuospatial Attention to Near-Hand Objects

Hayley A. Colman, Roger W. Remington & Ada Kritikos, PLOS ONE | DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0170542

Exploring the cognitive foundations of the Shared Attention Mechanism

Skorich, D. P., et al., Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Thinking about threats: Memory and prospection in human threat management

Bulley, A.; Henry, J.D.; Suddendorf, T., Consciousness and Cognition
49, 53-69

The influence of episodic foresight on delay discounting and demand for alcohol

Bulley, Adam & Gullo, Matthew J., Addictive Behaviors (2017)
66, 1-6

A review of compassion-based interventions

Kirby, James N., Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory
Research and Practice, 2016

Orangutans (Pongo abelii) seek information about tool functionality in a metacognition tubes task

Mulcahy, N.J., Journal of Comparative Psychology 130(4)
391 - 399

Anxiety disorders and all-cause mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis

Miloyan, B., et al., Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology

An integrative formal model of motivation and decision making: The MGPM

Ballard. T., et al., Journal of Applied Psychology

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Lost in the background

Lost in the background
Pink balls in day-night cricket could challenge players at sunset

Time travelling in the human mind

Time travelling in the human mind
World Changing Ideas Summit features BBC4’s “All In The Mind”

Reddit Science AMA

Reddit Science AMA
Professor Thomas Suddendorf participated in the Reddit Science AMA (Ask Me Anything) Series


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Kylie Burke

Featured Researcher

Kylie Burke

Supporting parents of children and adolescents with life- threatening illness

Sara Jones

Featured Alumni

Sara Jones

Completed the UQ Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours in 2007 followed by the Masters in Clinical Psychology

READY (REsilience of Adults everyDaY)

Featured Project

READY (REsilience of Adults everyDaY)

The READY training program is designed to help people to be more resilient in their everyday life.


A fire in your belly: Reflections on persistence and chance in achieving goals when things don't go as planned.

Roger Remington - Last Lecture Series Talk

A fire in your belly: Reflections on persistence and chance in achieving goals when things don't go as planned.
Clues about the evolution of our extraordinary minds.

Thomas Suddendorf at TEDxUQ

Clues about the evolution of our extraordinary minds.
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