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Featured Alumni - Anna McAlister

Graduated with a Psyc Science degree in 2002 and with a Ph.D. in 2006

Anna McAlister

I graduated from UQ with a Psyc Science degree in 2002 and with my Ph.D. in 2006. I want to write to say thank you to the School of Psychology at UQ. I am copying Professor Slaughter on this email because she was one of my mentors during my time at UQ and I have never properly thanked her or the School of Psychology for setting me on the path to success.

I now live and work in the US. I am on faculty in the Department of Advertising + Public Relations at Michigan State University. I have worked in 3 different departments (UQ Business School, University of Wisconsin - Madison's Department of Consumer Science, and now MSU's Department of Advertising + Public Relations) and, no matter where I go, I realize more and more that I received truly world-class training at UQ. I am especially grateful for the series of statistics and research methods courses that were offered in the School of Psychology at UQ during my undergraduate studies. The combination of such courses that were required for me to complete my undergraduate degree equipped me with skills above and beyond what many doctoral students take at other institutions. However, I was naive during my undergraduate years and truly had no idea that the skills I was developing would set me apart from my peers in future years.

During my doctoral studies at UQ, the School of Psychology covered costs for me to enroll in Education courses. I completed a Graduate Certificate in Education (Higher Education) in 2005 and, again, I am extremely grateful for this experience and training. I recently won a very prestigious award for teaching at MSU. I attribute this award to the training I received while completing the GCertEd. So I wanted to write and say THANK YOU to the School of Psychology for ensuring that training was available for doctoral students who were interested in teaching. I have won various best paper awards at conferences over the past few years and I know that it's my training in research design that makes this possible. So thank you!

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