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Applied Psychology Seminar Series

Applied Psychology Seminar Series
Friday, 17th September 2004

Applied Psychology Seminar Series
Friday 17th September 2004 3-4 pm
Room 305
Professor Christina Lee Phd FAPS
(yes I know you were promised Nancy Pachana, unfortunately she had to cancel)
Older single women in the Australian Longitudinal Study of Women's Health
A growing proportion of women reach older age without having married or had children. Despite assumptions that these older women are lonely, impoverished, and high users of social and health services, there is little evidence on their actual characteristics. This paper first provides an overview of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health, before using data from the Older cohort to examine demographics, physical and emotional health, and use of services among 10,108 women aged 73 to 78, of whom 2.7% are never-married and childless. Are they lonely unhappy old maids? Or are they doing very nicely thank you? You'll only find out if you come on Friday!

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