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PSA Seminar Series

PSA Seminar Series
Friday, 13th October 2006

The Psychology Students Association presents a seminar on:
Research opportunities for prospective honours and postgraduate students commencing in 2007.
A number of speakers from Psychology, other schools in UQ and affiliated agencies will each speak for five minutes to provide you with an overview of new potential research opportunities for you to undertake next year.
Come to this seminar and learn all about the new research opportunities available in 2007!

WHEN: FRIDAY, 13th OCTOBER, 4:00pm
Speakers include:
Professor Roger Remington (Cognition)
Professor David Kavanagh (Medicine - Psychiatry)
Professor Penny Sanderson (Human Factors)
Professor Nick Martin (QIMR)
Dr Margie Wright (QIMR)
Dr Alannah Rafferty (Org Psych)
Dr Gillian Yeo (Org Psych)
Dr Derek Arnold (Perception)
Dr Philip Grove (Perception)
Dr Jason Tangen (Cognition)
Information from:
Professor Jason Mattingley (Neuroscience)
Dr Ada Kritikos (Clinical Neuro)
Dr Vanessa Cobham (Clinical)

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