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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
Thursday, 15th March 2007

The school seminar series kicks off (albeit a day early) next Thursday 15 March at 4pm in room 302 of the psychology building. **Please note the change of day and time for this seminar.**
In an auspicious start to the year, we are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Chris Chambers presenting next week on "Goal-directed attentional control in human parietal and frontal cortex: Evidence from TMS and NIRS". More details can be found below.
Dr. Chris Chambers
BBSRC David Phillips Fellow
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London
Goal-directed attentional control in human parietal and frontal cortex: Evidence from TMS and NIRS
The ability to orient attention in space is crucial for guiding human behaviour. In this talk I will discuss some of our recent work that employed the techniques of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and optical neuroimaging (NIRS) to probe the role of visual, parietal and frontal cortex in strategic spatial attention. The results of these experiments indicate a critical role of the inferior parietal cortex in selection of visual stimuli, and a close relationship between the human frontal eye field and sensory-evoked responses in visual cortex. Our findings, along with similar observations by others, highlight the scientific potential of concurrent TMS and neuroimaging for testing theories of attentional control.
Photo source: UCL

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