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Social Psych Seminar

Social Psych Seminar
Friday, 23rd March 2007

The social psych series continues this Friday March 23rd with a talk by Professor Michael Wesley (Director, Griffith Asia Institute) on "Fear and Democracy: Reactions to Terrorism and Government Responses" (abstract below) in Room 302-3 of the McElwain Building at 3pm.
The social psych seminar series will then host a special workshop on social change Saturday March 31st from 9-12. Numbers of our own great minds - including Blake McKimmie, Matthew Hornsey, Winnifred Louis, & Kelly Fielding - will be delivering pithy short talks on our research, & various activist & community people will be speaking as well. Postgrads and staff are free to attend if they register in advance with Winnifred.
We then miss Friday the 6th b/c of Good Friday, before resuming the social psych seminar series Friday the 20th with a talk by Prof Jolanda Jetten.
Professor Michael Wesley (Director, Griffith Asia Institute) -- "Fear and Democracy: Reactions to Terrorism and Government Responses"
How much has September 11 changed the way societies and governments think about security? How much have the Bali bombings changed the way our democratic politics works? Are the measures governments have taken against terrorism and organised crime the best way to tackle these problems? This paper aims towards a reformulation of the concept of security as it applies to transnational threats. Building on empirical research in psychology, sociology and political science, it distinguishes transnational security from traditional security, and seeks to build a conception of security that is grounded in human motivations, understandings of politics and the state, and the workings of democratic political systems.

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