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Social Psych Seminar

Social Psych Seminar
Friday, 4th May 2007

There will be a social psychology seminar Friday at 3pm in Room 302, in which Courtney von Hippel will present a talk titled "Three C's of Stereotype Threat: Coping, Comparing, and Commuting" (abstract below).
Following Courtney's seminar, the series continues Friday May 18th with a talk by Sjoerd Pennekamp from the Uni of Amsterdam.
Three C's of Stereotype Threat: Coping, Comparing, and Commuting
Dr Courtney von Hippel
Stereotype threat, or the concern that a negative stereotype is being applied to oneself, has been shown to undermine performance in a variety of domains. Much less is known about other non-performance based consequences of stereotype threat or about factors that lead people to experience stereotype threat. In this talk I'll explore factors that lead women to experience stereotype threat in the workplace, the consequences of experiencing stereotype threat, and how stereotyped groups may effectively cope with stereotype threat. I'll also discuss the deadly consequences of stereotype threat for women behind the wheel.

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