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Psychonomics Seminar 15th October

Friday, 15th October 2004

The School of Psychology, University of Queensland is proud to present:
“Parental warning: these seminars contain highly explicit scenes of scientific endeavour”
On this coming Friday 15th October at 3pm in room 303 (note room change), we welcome you to join us for: “An afternoon in conversation with Rian Dob.” In her critically-acclaimed one woman show, Rian will talk about one of her great passions:
“Traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress in children: A prospective study”
The existence of post traumatic stress disorder after traumatic brain injury has been a controversial topic. More recently, a number of adult studies have reported on incidence of post traumatic stress symptomatology after mild traumatic brain injuries. The proposed study will investigate the prevalence of post traumatic stress symptomatology in relation to cognitive deficits in children (aged 6 - 14) with
traumatic brain injury.
Rian was trained in Groningen, The Netherlands, where she completed a degree in Clinical Psychology (Mpsych). Since coming to Australia, she has worked as a research assistant at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne (investigating neuropsychological patterns in women with
Turner Syndrome), and at the University of Queensland, on a project investigating children's psychological responses to trauma, with Justin
Hope to see you there,
Future dates:
Friday 29th October Janie Busby "Investigations into the development of mental time travel in children”

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