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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
Friday, 22nd October 2004

Robert Accordino, a Fulbright Visiting Researcher, will give the next talk in the School of Psychology Seminar Series, Friday the 22nd of October at 3pm, room 302 of the McElwain Building.

Robert Accordino
Oxford University

Auditory Processing in Individuals with Autism:
The Divergent Domains of Music and Language


In the musical domain, research has shown that those with high functioning autism often exhibit pitch memory and disembedding and interval discrimination abilities that exceed those of typically developing controls. Individuals with autism have also been shown to process musical contours as well as typically developing individuals do. In the language domain, contrastingly, the auditory processing of those with autism has been shown to be problematic with many showing deficits in receptive vocabulary and phonological processing. Evidence from event-related potential (ERP) studies as well as cochlear functioning analyses have also confirmed that those with autism seem to exhibit auditory processing that is advantageous in the musical domain and disadvantageous in the language domain. After presenting prior research, I will discuss a study I recently completed that assessed the language and musical processing of high functioning individuals with autism and typically developing children. This study used more complex musical paradigms to see if the abilities of children with autism would generalize to more complicated musical tests. I will also present the musical processing project that I am working on while in Australia. This study focuses on low functioning children with autism, a group that is rarely studied.

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