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Sports Psychology Seminar Series

Sports Psychology Seminar Series
Saturday, 10th May 2008

Following on from the successful series of 2007, the Sports Psychology team will again be running a program of seminars in 2008.
Success in sport is based on three elements - technical skills, physical fitness, and mental skills. Sport psychology focuses on mental skills - the ability of individuals to understand and effectively control their performance in their mind.
The Sports Psychology Seminar Series will provide you with an insight into the factors affecting athletes and coaches performance and keep you up to date with current research. The workshops following each seminar will focus on the same theme as the seminars but will go in to more detail and provide you with some practical applications.
The series will include such courses as:
* Harness Your Anxiety so it can Work for You – Seminar (EDWANX)
* Harness Your Anxiety so it can Work for You – Workshop (EDWANX)
* Building Resiliency and Toughness – Seminar (EDWBRT)
* Building Resiliency and Toughness – Workshop (EDWBRT)
Fore more information check the site at:

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