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Social Psych Seminar Series

Social Psych Seminar Series
Friday, 16th May 2008

The social psych seminar series continues this week with a talk by Aisling O'Donnell, called: "Who is watching you, and why? Issues of surveillance, power and social identity" (abstract below). Aisling is visiting from the University of Exeter. As usual, the seminar will be on at 3pm on Friday (May 16th) and will be followed by wine and cheese.
Please also note in your calendars the social psych seminar coming up next Tuesday May 20th in Room 202 at 3pm. Dr. Kim Peters, who is also visiting from Exeter, will be presenting a talk titled "How fit fuels ambition: The contribution of perceived self-–leader congruence to women’s career aspirations" (abstract below).
Hope to see you there!

FRIDAY MAY 16th 3pm Rm 302-3
Aisling O'Donnell, University of Exeter
Previous research shows identification affects social influence. We propose that one's level of identification affects whether surveillance is construed as beneficial to the group, or as undermining privacy. However, we also propose that this effect is moderated by whether or not imposing the surveillance appears appropriate behaviour for members of that group. In two studies we demonstrate the positive relationship between identification and surveillance acceptance. Shared identity with the powerful leads to greater perceptions of surveillance as ensuring safety, and reduced privacy-invasion, than when identity is non-shared. Paradoxically, when identity between the powerful and others is shared, imposing high surveillance backfires. In two studies, we show leaders using high surveillance while sharing identity with their followers are evaluated less positively, motivate fewer organisational citizenship behaviours and cause greater perceived privacy infringement than when they use lower surveillance. These studies demonstrate that surveillance may undermine the perception that identity is shared.

TUESDAY MAY 20th 3pm Rm 202

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