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Psychonomics Seminar - Janie Busby

Psychonomics Seminar - Janie Busby
Friday, 29th October 2004

The School of Psychology, University of Queensland is proud to present:
"Slap me with science until it smarts"
On this coming Friday 29th October at 3pm in room 303 (note room
change), the famous Janie Busby will be presenting selected excerpts
from her masterwork on the development of mental time travel in
preschool children. She will be signing special limited edition copies
of her PhD thesis after the talk (special = not quite complete).
Janie has spent the last few years studying Thomas Suddendorf, under the
supervision on 3, 4 and 5-year-olds as part of the Early Cognitive
Development Unit (or at least something similar). She completed both her
undergraduate and honours in the School of Psychology (1997-2000) and if
she fails to complete her PhD within the next couple of months, her
general sense of well-being will be diminished.
A bit about the talk:
Mental time travel (MTT) is the process by which we can re-experience past events (episodic memory) and pre-experience possible future events (episodic future thinking). Current theory suggests MTT emerges between 3- and 5-years of age, but relatively few studies have examined this hypothesis empirically. The findings of several experiments will be presented which attempted to measure different aspects of preschool children's MTT, including recall, planning and the understanding of time.

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