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2008 Brisbane Symposium on Self and Identity

2008 Brisbane Symposium on Self and Identity
Saturday, 20th September 2008

The 2008 Brisbane Symposium on Self and Identity is a FREE meeting that is designed to bring together academics from South East Queensland, interstate and overseas. The BSSI deals with topics of interest to social psychologists. It is a forum for the exchange of ideas, the discussion of theoretical and conceptual issues, the presentation of current research, and the establishment and strengthening of formal research connections in this field.
This year, the symposium will be held September 20 and 21 at the School of Psychology, University of Queensland. We are pleased to present the following local, interstate and international speakers:

Lucy Johnston (University of Canterbury) Ottmar Lipp (University of Queensland) Jennifer Spoor (University of Queensland) Blake McKimmie (University of Queensland) Janelle Jones (University of Exeter) Zlatko Skrbis (University of Queensland) Leda Blackwood (University of Queensland) Naomi Ellemers (University of Leiden) Laura Smith (University of Exeter)

Russell Spears (University of Cardiff)
Fiona Barlow (University of Queensland)
Dick de Gilder (Free University, Amsterdam) Brandon Stewart (University of Queensland) Katherine Reynolds (Australian National University)
If you are interested in coming along PLEASE RSVP BY SEPTEMBER 10.
Contact either Jolanda Jetten;, or Winnifred Louis;

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