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PFSC Seminar Series 2010

PFSC Seminar Series 2010
The PFSC Training Room (Room s227; Building 24)
12:00pm Wednesday, 8th December 2010
1:00pm Wednesday, 8th December 2010

Presenter: Felicity Brown

Title: Stepping Stones Triple P plus an acceptance and commitment therapy adjunct for parents of children with traumatic brain injury: A randomised controlled trial.

Abstract: The consequences of paediatric traumatic brain injury (TBI) are far reaching, with behavioural, emotional, academic, and social problems being common sequelae. TBI also impacts significantly on the entire family system, with parents often experiencing high levels of distress, and increased burden of care. Despite this, limited research has been conducted into effective programs for parents of children who have sustained a brain injury.

This project therefore has 3 aims:

  1. to explore the unique experiences, challenges, and needs of this population through focus groups with parents and health professionals;
  2. based on this understanding, to conduct an RCT of Stepping Stones Triple P in order to validate its use in this population;
  3. to determine the additive benefit of an ACT-based adjunct intervention administered prior to Stepping Stones, focussing on parents’ own emotional responses and aiming to increase psychological flexibility. 

This talk will discuss the background to the project, preliminary findings from a systematic review of family interventions for TBI, preliminary findings from the focus groups, and the proposed RCT for which recruitment has begun.

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