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The annual BSSI symposium

The annual BSSI symposium
Terrace Room, Level 6 of the Sir Llew Edwards Building (building no 14)
9:00am Saturday, 1st September 2012
5:00pm Saturday, 1st September 2012

This symposium brings together people who are actively involved in research in social psychology or related disciplines. It is a forum for the exchange of ideas, the discussion of theoretical and conceptual issues, presentation of current research, and the establishment and strengthening of formal research connections in this field.  

This year, the symposium is again sponsored and organised by the Centre for Research in Social Psychology (CRiSP) -- a centre based at the School of Psychology. This is a free event and lunch and refreshments will be provided. In the evening, there will be the traditional symposium party (with food, nibbles, wine and other drinks provided) at Fiona Barlow's house. Directions will be provided at the event.

Even though this is a free event, you will need to register to be able to attend.To register, please email Katharine Greenaway ( before August 24.

The Program

There are 8 papers acting as foci for discussion and we are very proud to present the following local, interstate and overseas speakers: 

1. Barbara Masser (University of Queensland)

Sexual assault, schemas, and “silly women”

2. Janeen Baxter (University of Queensland)

A Stalled Revolution? Gender Role Attitudes in Australia

3. Daniel Skorich (Australian National University)

A continuum of impression formation, stereotype formation and use: From memory-based to data-driven processes

4. Eddie Harmon-Jones (University of NewSouth Wales)

Separating motivational direction from emotional valence: Implications for emotion-cognition interactions

5. Rachel McDonald (University of Queensland)

When norms collide: conflicting ingroup norms and pro-environmental behavior

6. Andrew Livingstone (University of Stirling)

‘We have no quarrel with you’:  Effects of group status on (strategic) characterizations of ‘conflict’ with an outgroup

7. Tyler Okimoto (University of Queensland)

Intergroup Apologies and Forgiveness

8. Lisa Williams (University of New South Wales)

Positive Social Outcomes of Positive Social Emotions: Emerging Insights

For further details or questions please contact the organisers: Katharine Greenaway ( or Jolanda Jetten ( 

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