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Seminar Series: Jason Tangen

Seminar Series: Jason Tangen
Rooms 201-204 - McElwain Building
3:00pm Friday, 1st March 2013
4:00pm Friday, 1st March 2013



Rethinking the lecture: If you can be replaced by a video, then you probably should be.


Within less than a year, massive open online courses (MOOCs) have exploded with the launch of CourseraUdacity , edX , and TED-Ed. Politicians and governing boards of universities have certainly taken notice of this new learning environment, which has led many commentators  to question the university’s purpose and future. The 500 year old “sage on stage” university lecture is certainly the most common teaching method, but would anyone really argue that it's the best? Over the last year, I've replaced my lectures with online videos. Students now watch my lectures before coming to class, so our time together can be devoted to discussions, debate, peer interactions, and time to think. In this talk, I'll introduce this new method that flips the focus from teaching to learning. I'll discuss some lessons I've learned, mistakes I made, and challenge you to rethink the way that you deliver your courses.

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