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Brown Bag Lunch: Qualtrics 101

Brown Bag Lunch: Qualtrics 101
McElwain, 24A – Room 305
12:00pm Friday, 22nd March 2013
2:00pm Friday, 22nd March 2013

Speaker: Michael Thai

Web-based surveys are an easy and efficient method of data collection. They have become an integral part of psychological research, and are often used in students’ 4th year research projects. This session will introduce 4th year psychology students to Qualtrics, a popular online data collection tool. The session will familiarise students with the Qualtrics interface and will cover the basics of Qualtrics (e.g. question types, stimuli) as well as the more advanced features (e.g. display logic, randomisation). The session will demonstrate how Qualtrics can be used to run both correlational surveys and experimental designs.


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