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CHOICE Seminar

CHOICE Seminar
Prince Charles Hospital
4:00pm Wednesday, 10th September 2014
5:00pm Wednesday, 10th September 2014

CHOICE (Centre for Health Outcome, Innovation and Clinical Education) seminar series.

Assessment of Decision-Making Capacity in Medical Settings – Principles, Approaches, and Conundrums

Speaker: Dr Donna Pinsker, Senior Psychologist, Department of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, TPCH

Abstract: There is an increasing demand for assessments of decision-making capacity in acute medical settings. This demand has been driven be the convergence of an ageing population, an increased incidence of age-related neurocognitive conditions, demographic changes, and increased accountability in the area of substitute decision-making. Nevertheless, arriving at a determination of capacity or incapacity can be a difficult, complex, and time-consuming process which can pose a considerable on both the patient and the public health system. In this seminar, the principles of, and approaches to, capacity assessment in a multidisciplinary setting will be discussed. Selected case studies will be included to illustrate the complexities and conundrums that confront health practitioners working in this area.

Speaker Biography: Donna is a Senior Psychologist and the Clinical Lead of the Neuropsychology Assessment Programme, Department of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, TPCH. She has worked in Internal Medicine Services since 2006, apart from undertaking a brief role as a Research Fellow in 2009 with Professor Nancy Pachana, UQ. Donna’s research interests are in the areas of decision-making capacity and social vulnerability in cognitively-impaired adults, and she has published a number of peer-reviewed journal articles. She also holds the position of Senior Lecturer (Adjunct) in the School of Psychology, UQ.

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