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Seminar Series: Eric Vanman

Seminar Series: Eric Vanman
Room 201-204, Level 2, McElwain (24)
3:00pm Friday, 14th October 2016
4:00pm Friday, 14th October 2016

Speaker: Dr Eric Vanman (University of Queensland)

Topic: The Current Crisis in Psychology: What I’ve Been Teaching First-Year Students About It

A strong case could be made that our discipline is going through a period of crisis that will have enormous ramifications for the next generation of psychological scientists. This upheaval has been dubbed the “reproducibility crisis”, but I believe it has led to more general rumination regarding the way we collect and analyse our data. As such, I have begun teaching my undergraduate students about the antecedents of the crisis, what is happening now, and what we should be doing as a result. During this seminar, I will share with you what I have been teaching my students about issues like HARKing, p-hacking, registered replication reports, and “researcher degrees of freedom”, as well as more general issues having to do with effect size and power. If an old dog like me can learn new tricks, so can you!

Eric J. Vanman is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland Australia. He is perhaps best known for his research on racial prejudice, in which participants’ facial EMG activity (i.e., activation of frowning and smiling muscles, in the absence of detectable facial displays of emotion) has been found to be related to prejudice and discriminatory behaviour. His work on unconscious bias displayed via psychophysiological measures was among a few early studies that laid the groundwork for research on implicit measures that has dominated this research area for the last two decades. More recently, he has used a social neuroscience approach to study the mechanisms of empathy, including factors that might lead to a failure of empathy for others who are different to us.


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