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Dr Laura Smith

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Dr Laura Smith
+61 7 3346 8043
Postal Address:
School of Psychology
McElwain Building
The University of Queensland
St Lucia, QLD 4072

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Dr Laura Smith
Research Activities:

I am interested in how social identities emerge and evolve through social interaction.  My research has a particular focus on the development of norms for inter-group behaviour. I am currently working on an ARC-funded project in collaboration with scholars in the School of Business, on the socialization of new employees.  We are examining the processes predicting changes in organizational identification over time.

Representative Publications:
Peer reviewed journal articles:
Dwyer, L., Hornsey, M. H., Smith, L. G. E., Oei, T., & Dingle, G. (in press).  Participant autonomy in cognitive behavioral group therapy: An integration of self-determination and cognitive behavioral theories.  Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. [accepted August, 2010].
Smith, L. G. E., Amiot, C. E., Callan, V. J., Smith, J. R., & Terry, D. J. (in press).  Getting new staff to stay: The mediating role of organizational identification.  British Journal of Management.  [accepted October, 2010].
Smith, L. G. E., & Postmes, T. (in press). The power of talk: Developing discriminatory group norms through discussion.  British Journal of Social Psychology.  [accepted February, 2010.]
Smith, L. G. E., & Postmes, T. (in press).  Shaping stereotypical behaviour through the discussion of social stereotypes. British Journal of Social Psychology.  [accepted March, 2010.]
Thomas, E.F., Smith, L. G. E., McGarty, C. & Postmes, T. (in press) Nice and nasty: The formation of prosocial and hostile social movements. International Review of Social Psychology. [accepted December, 2009]
Postmes, T. & Smith, L. G. E. (2009).  Why do the privileged resort to oppression? A look at some intra-group factors.  Journal of Social Issues, 65, 4, 769-790.
Smith, L. G. E. & Postmes, T. (2009).  Intra-group interaction and the development of norms which promote inter-group hostility.  European Journal of Social Psychology, 39, 130-144.
Manuscripts under review and in preparation:
Smith, L. G. E., Callan, V. J., Amiot, C. E., Smith, J. R.,, & Terry, D. J. (2010).  Experiences of newcomers: Factors predicting organizational identification.  Manuscript in preparation.
Smith, L. G. E., Callan, V. J., Amiot, C. E., Smith, J. R.,, & Terry, D. J. (2010).  Newcomer socialisation: Examining the processes predicting the development of organisational identification over time. Manuscript in preparation.
Smith, L. G. E., Louis, W., Barlow, F. K., & Stoddart, P.  (2010). The dynamic group processes underlying rumour transmission.  Manuscript submitted for publication.
Smith, L. G. E., Thomas, E., McGarty, C., & Postmes, T.  (2010). We must be the change we want to see in the world”: The identity-norm nexus (INN)-formation model.  Manuscript in preparation.
Picture of 'Dr Laura Smith'
Dr Laura Smith
Communication, social interaction, identification, identity, group behaviour, employee socialisation, immigrants, prejudice, collective action, stereotypes, religion.
Communication - psychology, Collective action, Social interaction, Group behaviour, Immigrants, Prejudice, Collective action, Stereotypes, Religion, Employee socialisation
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