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Web Surveys and Friendly Address Options

When directing participants to a web survey there is always the potential that the address will become corrupted (by a mail client, mistyping or misreading) resulting in lost and/or frustrated participants.

Suggestions for creating a Friendly Addresses

  • Always keep the address as short as possible.
  • Try to avoid addresses which contain a string of meaningless characters like those generally generated by Checkbox or Qualtrics. Addresses that are readable and have meaning sometimes have a better chance of being copied correctly (if required).
  • Avoid addresses with any punctuation or combinations of upper and lower case characters. Ideally the address will only contain lower case alpha numeric characters.
  • If you are sending the address in a Rich Text Format (such as HTML Email, PDF or Word document) always make sure that the link is actually going to the address. Also make sure the address is included somewhere as plain text so the participant can copy and paste or just type the address in case of a problem.
  • Always have the address on its own line with blank lines above and below. This reduces the changes of the address become combined with the surrounding text.

Friendly Addresses in Qualtrics

Qualtrics doesn't currently have any mechanism to shorten the addresses. You can ask for a Psychology Short Address or request a Custom Psychology Landing Page.

Friendly Addresses in Checkbox

Checkbox has an inbuilt method to shorten the address that it calls a 'Custom Survey Address'. This can be quite useful and is recommended if you are directing participants directly to a Checkbox survey (i.e. no landing page). To enable a 'Custom Survey Address' go into the 'Properties' for the given survey. There you can edit the address. It must follow the format:

where you can edit the 'abc123' part. As always you are best to avoid punctuation.

Custom Psychology Landing Page

Typically a landing page can also be used to present consent and/or research information. As such, this method can be useful not only for creating a friendly address but also to keep people out of the survey data who refuse the consent conditions. It also makes for a more professional first impression for the research.

Requests for Custom Landing Pages should be directed to the 'Experimental Programmer'.

Psychology Short Address

The School of Psychology has a Short Address service that can be used to direct to any valid internet address (not just psychology addresses). The format of the address must always be:

where only part of the address that can change is 'abc'. The above example redirects to the Psychology Homepage. Generally with this method three random alphanumeric characters are generated. However, if you have a specific three characters that would be appropriate and they are not already in use they can be used instead.

This method is particularly recommended when you are emailing a very large number of participants. The address can potentially redirect to a Landing Page, Checkbox Survey, Qualtrics Survey, or to any valid page.

Requests for a Short Address should be directed to the 'Experimental Programmer'.

More Information...

If you have any questions regarding Web Surveys please contact the Experimental Programmer or Psychology I.T.



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