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Australian Psychological Society (APS)

The APS is the national body for scientific and professional psychology. The APS also determines whether or not a university program in psychology can be accredited. The accredited programs all involve a sequence of four years of approved academic study, at least 50 percent of which has been devoted to psychology as a “main subject”.

To become a member of the APS you must have completed six years of university training. Normally this involves a four-year degree such as a BA or BSc with Honours in psychology or the Bachelor of Psychological Science (BPsySc) plus at least two years postgraduate training in psychology (Masters degree or PhD).

Students doing Honours in psychology may claim eligibility for Student Subscribership to the Australian Psychological Society. This entitles you to copies of the society’s journals and to attend meetings and conferences. Interested students should contact the Chair of the Queensland branch of the Australian Psychological Society. Alternatively, they may consult the APS web page.

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