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Master of Business Psychology Program Information

Program Information

The innovative Master of Business Psychology program in the School of Psychology has been designed for students aiming to gain expertise in consulting to organisations to enable individual businesses to solve their corporate-related problems more effectively. The program will equip graduates with the core psychology expertise and complementary business acumen essential to enhancing individual, team and organisational effectiveness across a range of business, government and not-for-profit settings.

The program combines the best of psychology courses with business courses, the prime objective being to develop the professional skillset necessary to becoming a high-performing organisational consultant. We have liaised closely with a number of leading Australian and international organisations to design a program that will meet the organisational consulting needs of business and government.

What you can study

The Master of Business Psychology program will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to ensure that your experience of consulting in the industry work environment is more engaging, more productive and safer. The program has been structured to cover a diverse range of topics including the consulting process, strategic management, work design, organisational change practice, motivation and leadership, and employment relations. A number of key topic speakers from leading-edge businesses add real-world insight to the course content.

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Practical Experience

You will have the opportunity to develop your skills and apply your knowledge in business projects, not only working as part of a team on major consultancy projects, but also as an individual consultant in a variety of organisations. Work Projects will be designed to enable you to demonstrate your consultancy skills and learn more in real world environments. Placements will be within a reasonable distance of the UQ campus, but you should expect to travel up to 60 minutes away. Work Project Placement courses come at no additional cost to the student apart from incidentals such as travel and daily expenses.


Graduates with a background in business psychology are highly sought after for their unique analytical and practical skillsets, and for their theoretical understanding. You will be qualified to engage in a range of work roles including organisational development and management consultant, change management specialist and human factors specialist.

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