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Studying Psychology Courses as a Component of Your Degree

Studying to become a psychologist is a long process and many students would prefer to include psychology as a component of their degree rather than concentrating their studies on psychology.

In the Bachelor of Arts program, students can undertake:

  • an accredited extended major in order to become a psychologist
  • a single major in psychology
  • a few psychology courses

Similarly, in the Bachelor of Science program, students can complement their science courses by undertaking anything from a small number of psychology courses to an accredited extended major.

Psychology courses can also be studied as part of a Bachelor of Social Science, as an elective in a range of other degrees offered by The University of Queensland, or as part of a range of different dual degree programs.

Those who choose careers outside of psychology will find their training in psychology to be highly relevant and useful in their lives and work. Some career opportunities for which studying psychology provides a useful basis include:

  • Private sector management and administration
  • Public service management and administration
  • Private sector management and administration
  • Human resource management
  • Workforce training
  • Industrial relations
  • Mediation
  • Market research
  • Advertising
  • Diplomatic/International relations
  • Government policy and planning eg State and Federal government bodies
  • Family and Social Services
  • Juvenile Justice and Corrective Services
  • Family Court counselling
  • Mental Health Services
  • Youth work and relationship counselling
  • Residential care work
  • Pre-educational prior to medical school entry
  • Research positions
  • Human–technology interaction
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