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The School of Psychology at UQ is the home of high quality research.


Help for positive parenting

Help for positive parenting
Award-winning Positive Parenting Program to receive $6.6 million from the State Government

Top Publications

Before Cumulative Culture: The Evolutionary Origins of Overimitation and Shared Intentionality

Shipton, C. & Nielsen, M., Human Nature
published online (July, 2015) doi:10.1007/s12110-015-9233-8

Mobilizing cause supporters through group-based interaction

Bongiorno, R., et al., Journal of Applied Social Psychology

Children with autism spectrum disorders are skilled at reading emotion body language

Peterson, C., et al., Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
139, 35-50.
Research Centres and Groups

Research Centres and Groups

The School of Psychology has a number of world class research centres and groups. Find out more about the various areas of psychology where our staff work together to foster a culture of research and research training.
UQ Compassion Symposium 2015

Current Events

UQ Compassion Symposium 2015

Brings together academics, clinicians, researchers and students to present on how compassion is relevant
Ada Kritikos

Featured Researcher

Ada Kritikos

Dr Ada Kritikos uses motion capture to learn how we integrate sensory and proprioceptive information about our bodies

Anxiety in Parkinson’s Disease Treatment (APT)

Featured Project

Anxiety in Parkinson’s Disease Treatment (APT)

In our research and clinical training group, we aim to try to understand measuring, diagnosing and treating anxiety in patients with PD more effectively.


Head of School, Professor  Bill von Hippel talks about the science behind love and lust.

Is Love Blind?

Head of School, Professor Bill von Hippel talks about the science behind love and lust.
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