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School of Psychology Seminar Series

General Information

The School Seminar Series is designed as a forum for formal presentations to the School of Psychology at large (incl., academics, PhD and Honours students). This series features presentations of high quality and broad appeal. Other presentations, including talks of a more preliminary (e.g., confirmation talks, work in progress etc) or specialist nature, are hosted by the dedicated seminar streams (e.g., Social or Psychonomic seminars).

  • When: Regularly during semester at 3pm.
  • Where: McElwain Building - Room 201.

Upcoming Seminars

Seminar Series: A/Prof S. Becker

Seminar Series: A/Prof S. Becker

Sunday, 31st December 2017
Cognitive Neuroscience - The factors determining attention, eye movements, and awareness.


Speakers are usually invited out to an informal dinner after the talk. Interested members of the audience, be they staff or students, are encouraged to come along. This is a great opportunity for informal discussion. Typically a restaurant close to UQ (e.g., at St.Lucia village) is selected for easy access for everyone.

How to propose a speaker

If you would like us to consider a speaker for the School of Psychology Seminar Series, please fill in the proposal form (below). Although there may be exceptions, we would expect the person who sponsors a speaker, to take on the role of host or to arrange a host (see below). There are no honoraria for speakers, but we do pay for drinks after the talk and for dinner.

There are two kinds of arrangements.

  1. Someone who will be here anyway. You may have a visitor coming to collaborate on research or who will spend part of his or her sabbatical here. Researchers from our or other UQ faculties, and indeed other Brisbane institutions, may also be nominated to present at a School Seminar.
  2. Someone who is somewhere else in Australia or New Zealand. We can fly in a very limited number of speakers each year to present a seminar. Please keep an eye out for international visitors to our shores that we may want to ask to come up to UQ. Let us know as early as possible.


If you propose a speaker, you would probably want to host the speaker. By this we mean that (a) you would attend the seminar and possibly introduce the speaker; (b) you organise the dinner after the talk and encourage your colleagues and students to join; (c) that you are available to the speaker as the contact in the School during the visit.

School of Psychology Seminar Proposal Form

  • Sponsor's name:
  • Proposed Speaker's name and position:
  • Topic:
  • Sub discipline:
  • Why do you think this person should present a School Seminar (consider, for example, the persons reputation, broad appeal of the topic, timeliness etc):
  • Is this person going to be in Brisbane?
  • If so, for what period?
  • Would this person need to be flown in?
  • If so, from where?
  • Are you willing to host the visitor?
  • If not, who will?

Please send the information to Derek Arnold

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